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Les Liens is the outcome of my personal story, my experiences and the people I met along the way, as well as my interest in personal development.

Growing up, we’re not often taught how to take good care of ourselves, get to know ourselves, be in touch with our feelings or emotions; and even less during adult life. We are so busy doing things that we forget about being. Yet being is about discovering and fostering our natural resources to improve intrapersonal and interpersonal relations…This is where our name Les Liens (i.e. the links, relationships) comes from.


Sharing is our best ally. Being listened to and accompanied along the way, at our own pace and taking into account our wishes. Such are the core values and philosophy behind this project and the creation of this living space. A place to meet. A peaceful place/environment. A place for our self.

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Vanessa Facchin 

Yoga Teacher (Yin)

After nine years working in the engineering area, Vanessa initiated a journey of personal transformation that led her to Yoga. Deeply touched by Vinyasa and Yin yoga, she threw herself body and soul into practice, training and a little later teaching. Since then, she values a mindful yoga practice to reach towards physical, emotional and energetic balance and live a more fulfilling life in harmony with one’s environment. She truly believes that yoga sharing and teaching can be a tool for self-transformation and reconstruction.

Charlotte Cauville

Yoga teacher (Yin & Gentle Flow)

Charlotte discovers yoga in Rennes and then Paris, far from the water sports of the Breton sea. Passionate, she trained ashtanga & vinyasa in India a few years alter. It offers creative flows to deepen the understanding of our body and its strong connection with our mind and emotions. Each moment is an exploration of breath and movement, combining dynamism and benevolence. Today, her teaching integrates her various influences, combining meditation, ashtanga, vinyasa, pranayamas, anatomy, breathing and happiness :)

Luiza Lechner

Sports coach & energy therapist

Movement and body have been my passion since I was very young. Three years of studies at the dance conservatory, as well as an advanced background in gymnastics and various dance practices, allowed me to acquire a great rigor combined with a need for constant perfection and infinite curiosity, which leads me to constantly seek new ideas and movements in order to make my work more interesting, to grow and grow perpetually , aligning the well-being of body and mind. For me, movement is an expression of one's inner self towards one's external self, a form of art in perpetual change, a form of "meditation", of salutary encouragement.

Manon Thais

Chakradance facilitator

Since she was a little girl, she has always been passionate by movements and body. In search of a deeper meaning and with a passion for dance and a travelling soul, Manon started her career as a Spanish teacher but also did diverse training in natural medecine which she truly enjoyed and soon after Chakradance crossed her path and it was love at first sight. Now through this liberating and transforming practice, she finally put her teaching skills into practice. According to her, this way of exploring body and mind offers benefits such as growth, depth and lightness. Her workshops are aimed at anyone who would like to discover themselves in a new way and to happily celebrate who they truly are.

Clarence Mirkovic

Certified coach

Florence Chicoix

Founder and Sophrologist

After occupying selling and managing positions in the technology industry (Capgemini, Microsoft) for more than 20 years, Florence turned towards personal development and awareness. She professionally retrained in Caycedian Sophrology to make her lifelong passion for interpersonal relationships her new career. Her fields of expertise at Les Liens : workplace environment & business life, career change, students & teenagers.

Natacha Prudent


Working most of her life in public relations, communication and coaching in France and abroad, including ten years in the Armed Forces, Natacha chose to engage further in helping relationships, counselling and well-being. Her longstanding interest in natural therapy and pyscho-corporal care has led her to train in sophrology at Paris School of Caycedian Sophrology. Her fields of expertise at Les Liens : skills optimization (communication, stress management, alertness and recovery) and well-being (pain and anxiety management, post-traumatic stress disorder).

Jessica Le Duc

Kinesiologist & Well-being practitioner

After four years of educational exerience and ten years working in the building sector, Jessica felt a call for change. Rethinking her whole life, she soon put the pieces together and realised her path had led her to kinesiolgy and massaging. The time she enjoyed passing on to the younger generation and then restoring brick walls made sense of that incentive she felt to help people rebuild themselves and regain their balance. And this what she achieves today by coaching people, helping them grow and their personalities shine with these two techniques useful for anyone looking to experience a greater well-being.

Clarence is familiar with vocational retraining since she herlself has retrained several times. She worked in media, banking sector and was a teacher for six years. She also moved several times between Paris and the Province. Suffice to say that change does not frighten her! She belives that we can have several lives in one and that we should go on searching until we have found where we belong to and what truly fulfills us. Today, trained in coaching, NLP and Enneagram, her activity is to help you discover your (new) professional path and dare to take it. 


Mathilde Chevalier

Yoga teacher (Restorative)

Mathilde is a full time yoga teacher and lives in Paris. After working few years in marketing, she chose to change life to become a yoga teacher in order to live according to her values ​​and thus help others find their path in life. She trained in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Paris in Vinyasa, Kirtan, Massage and Shamanic Reiki and continues to learn and practice with the teachers who inspire her. Her flows are creative and will allow you to surpass yourself.


Marion Blandin

Yoga teacher (Prenatal & Postnatal)

10 years ago Marion discovered Yoga and felt in love with the practice and its life philophy. Vinyasa is a true revelation, bringing her well being, energy and peace of mind. After several years working in the digital sector, she acknowledges her desire to deepen her yoga practice and become a teacher. Her will to deliver all the magic of yoga to future and newly mums brings her to complete her knowledge with a pre and post-natal training. For Marion, yoga is an experience, on and off the mat, the beginning to a deep transformation. She will guide you through a creative, almost dancing, practice with her beautiful mood and kindness. All to the sound of music to release your mental et fully feel your body.

Nim Ly Ung

Yoga teacher (Restorative)

Addicted runner and still ! ;) (10km, Half marathon, ...), it was first for therapeutic purposes that Nim turned to yoga (repeated injuries due to running). She trained in Hatha Raja and Yoga Nidra (200h Yoga alliance). Her practice is continuously evolving and enriched through her readings and the various teachers with whom she continues to practice in New York and London.


Laure Jacinto

Yoga teacher (Yin)

 After training in fine arts, many years practicing dance, theatre, and yoga, I wanted to offer courses combining these different practices that feed each other. The Kundalini allowed me to refocus, find my alignment and work on my own truth, it allowed me to trust life much more and soothed me enormously. When I'm on my mat, I know I'm in the right place at the right time. That's why I want to pass on the magic that accompanies me every day. My practice is punctuated by the 5 elements, the seasons and phases of the moon.


Benjamin Friant

Life coach and personal development trainer

After 10 years in business, he decided to take action to get closer to his dream; this is how he began his conversion into coaching. Passionate about this field, he has the will to develop more and more knowledge and experience. He likes to dare. A shy former man who is sick in his own skin, he has been able to get out of his shell, flourish and see life as a positive. Today, it is confident and radiant and helps people who wish to take the path of fulfillment.

Delphine Premoli

Yoga teacher (Tantric & Ecstatic dance)

Delphine discovered yoga almost 10 years ago after 18 years of gymnastics, including 6 years at a high level, various national titles and participation in international competitions. It is during travels and encounters that she began a deep spiritual and bodily exploration, plunging her into the study and understanding of tantra. She liked the lack of competition offered by yoga, and she later discovered the deep self-acceptance, patience, connection, self-union that is embodied by practice, through breathing, awareness of sensations and meditation. She had the chance to learn and practice tantra yoga in an ashram in Thailand in 2020 to transmit tantric philosophy and propose a way to connect with oneself and its truth, learn to understand and express oneself, with relaxation and serenity.


Laure Favrelière

Yoga teacher (Yin & the five elements)

After working in communication and sales for 5 years, Laure gradually turned to Yoga. After growing up in Asia, 8 years in Singapore, 10 years in Beijing and 5 years in Montreal, Laure is now in Paris to share with you her knowledge: Yin Yoga. Trained in India, in Rishikesh and Goa, Laure composes her classes on the 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space. Each element focuses on a part of the body, on a different rhythm and style of Yoga. Naturally gentle and soothing, she will take you on a unique journey through Yin yoga.

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A solidarity project

Another incentive to our project is to help out young artists by displaying their creative work (pictures, paintings, objects, etc). By providing them an opportunity for artisitc expression at Les Liens, we want to support their art and passion. To us, this is another approach to personal development.

An eco-friendly project

We believe that protecting the environment is crucial that is why we take actions to reduce our ecological footprint and link Les Liens to the Paris Nature Project : a green and vegetated envionment, a floor and front desk made of wood coming from sustainably managed forests, visiting cards and flyers made of recycled paper, as well as partnerships with companies committed to sustainable development.

A humanitarian project

We want to contribute to associations and actions that hold a special place in our hearts. We want to share a part of our profits. In the meantime, we are focusing on the development of our activities in view of the current turbulent period. We hope to share our projects with you in the near future :)

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