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Our personal assistance and support does not replace medical advice, nor medical treatment.

Massage relaxant

Body & Energetic workshops

Those workshops help harmonize one’s energy flow and release physical, psychological and emotional tensions to experience a moment of greater wellness and inner connection. 

Stretch on Piano

Intuitive move

Free the memories of the body

The posture of our body reflects our life and the state of mind in which we find ourselves (we are). Release your tensions through dynamic stretching exercises whose basis is breathing, a source of life. All this is accompanied by energetic notions to reconnect you to the essence of yourself.

Stretching revolves around muscle relaxation and respiratory awareness. It prevents injuries, corrects certain postures that stiffen us on a daily basis, all this in an atmosphere of relaxation promoting inner well-being. The session ends with a meditation accompanied by piano tunes played in front of you. The goal? Connect to your emotions, feel them and accept them.

Practice that aims to undo the knots created by traumatic or unpleasant moments in your life, These emotional knots are often the source of physical problems because they prevent the proper flow of energy in your body. Regain your vital energy and peace of mind by practicing regularly.



Intuitive massage

Individual session. Holistic method for optimal health and greater vital energy, naturally. Find your energy and smile, taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Individual session. Holistic and ancestral Japanese practice that activates the subtle energy systems of the body to clear blockages and restore balance and energy flow in body, mind and soul. 

Individual session through massage, traditional Chinese medicine and its techniques to pure energetics. This session guides you towards rebalancing body & mind (fatigue, insomnia, physical and emotional imbalance as well as various other pathologies).

Soothe body & mind with yoga balls

Anchor and Align

Reiki is a holistic Japanese practice that activates the subtle energy systems of the body. Collectively, you will be guided in steps to reconnect to your deep energy and raise your vibrations, tapping into the strength of the collective and practicing self-healing.

With the help of balls, you will learn simple and effective self-massage techniques to soothe, reduce or release the blockages accumulated in your physical and energetic body, increase the mobility and flexibility of your joints and reduce the tension in your muscles and other parts of your body.

Séance de yoga face à la mer


Yoga is above all a state of mind. It is neither a sport nor a religion but a search for harmony between our body and our mind. Yoga will allow you to go to the deep encounter of your being in all its dimensions.



Creative flows to deepen the understanding of our body and its strong connection with our mind and emotions. Each moment is an exploration of breath and movement, combining dynamism and goodwill. 

Powerful technology that works on different planes of consciousness and allows to reconnect to the living. Yoga that balances the nervous system. A series of pranayama, then postures, followed by meditation and relaxation.


deep work on body and mind, with long and deep stretching to release muscle tension and allow the mind to let go.


Hatha Yoga

Precise and rhythmic sequence of postures, which allows control and rebalancing of the body and the senses. It helps us to regain a certain concentration and to become aware of the present moment. Ideal for improved physical fitness (flexibility and skeleton), mental (better concentration, clarity, memory) and emotional (stress, anxiety, sleep). 

Combines the practice of yoga with tantric philosophy, working on a deep relaxation of body and mind through breathing exercises and several orderly sequences of asanas to explore its potential, its limits, accept more yourself. Practices with eyes closed



Sophrology is a psycho-corporal approach that allows us to develop serenity and improve our well-being in everyday life. It helps prevent, ease or heal physical tensions and pains, better manage our emotions and restore balance between body and mind. It provides efficient tools to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, allergies, etc. and allow us to bring to light our natural resources (our capacities, our values) and restore self-confidence.

My Sophro Time

Thematic workshop

A session taking into account the needs of each participant. Group of 8 people.

Session deploying a recurring technique to aim for a specific goal: "Start with a smile" to reinforce the positive in oneself and "Live a positive future" to give momentum, meaning to one's life.

Sophro Bar

Embark on a short session of sophrology in the meditation area where you can relax, relax, get back on energy. We lend you a headset and a tablet (available at the reception).

Individual session

You want individualized support to deal with a problem. Do a first discovery session and we will define together the number of sessions needed to make a change.

Tas de main du groupe heureux

Workshop for discussions

These workshops encourage exchange to get to know each other better through exercises and sharing with other participants. These sessions are limited to 8 people, in order to allow everyone to express themselves. 

Living beautiful relationships

Discover your qualities

This workshop proposes to better understand the relational dynamics and our mode of functioning within this dynamic, via a psychological tool, the Karpman triangle. At the end of this workshop, you will have the first keys to improve the quality of your relationships and detach yourself from the eyes of the other.

This workshop will allow you to better identify your qualities to strengthen self-esteem. Playful approach with QUALITIES card game. Group exchanges to develop expression and promote self-assertion. 

Increase your energy level

Where your attention is placed, your energy goes". This workshop will allow you to identify your energy centers and then define the actions you will put in place to reduce the energy centers deemed "polluting". You will gain energy to position it on what is important to you.

Discover yourself, game & aperitif

Intuitive Talk

Moment of pause where I invite you to discuss together your physical, mental and emotional states. Keys such as breathing exercises, stretching, meditations and play will be offered to you according to what my intuition guides me and what I feel in the present moment to allow you to reopen this door filled with tools that you also have in mind. you.

How to define personal development? It is often difficult to find a precise and clear definition but in general, it is the desire to know each other better, to understand each other. This workshop aims to uninhibit this approach. We meet around a drink and a deck of cards. Everyone draws a card and lets out the thoughts, the feelings.

Confiant d'affaires en attente d'une ent

Privatization (companies only)

We allow companies to rent this place every Monday and Tuesday for executive committee, project launching, social events or team building. We can provide introduction sessions in meditation or sophrology. Contact us for more information (renting possibilities, services provided, etc.) to define together an ad hoc proposal.


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