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Massage relaxant

Body Workshops

Those workshops help harmonize one’s energy flow and release physical, psychological and emotional tensions to experience a moment of greater wellness and inner connection. 

Energy harmonization

- Tue 10:15 am & Wed 2pm - 

Self reconnection
- Tue 9am & Fri 03:30

Intuitive move

- Thu & Sat 2:00 pm -

Improve flexibility, rebalance body and meridians, restore unity between mind and body through a sequence of movements, breathing exercises and anchoring techniques. Fostering physical, mental and emotional balance. 

self-massage, meditation, anchoring, etc. A body workshop introducing different relaxation techniques based on touch, breathing and energetic movements.

Connect by the body to its full presence through a combination of various techniques: Yoga, postural work, stretching, joint mobility, breathing.Invitation to a deep connection through the body. Feel. Release. Harmonize. Unify. 


Meditation in movement

These workshops allow you to discover meditation in a different way. For people who are already meditating, but also those who have never meditated, who feel apprehensive to meditate. These workshops are practiced with eyes closed and the focus is on physical and emotional feelings.


- Thu 12:30 pm - 

Ecstatic Danse

- soon :) -

Kirtan, chanting of mantras

- soon :) -

Free and intuitive meditation to reconnect with body and mind. No previous knowledge of meditation or chakra is needed. Practiced with closed eyes to increase ability to let go.

To look for the playful aspect of dance for body, soul and mind: let your body move according to what music conveys as emotions. Let go of any idea of results or techniques, there is no better way than yours.

Music based on ancient songs, mantras. Singing is at the heart of kirtan, no matter the sound of your voice. You will be immersed in the sound, without words to distract the mind. Kirtan will be accompanied to the harmonium.

Séance de yoga face à la mer


Yoga is above all a state of mind. It is neither a sport nor a religion but a search for harmony between our body and our mind. Yoga will allow you to go to the deep encounter of your being in all its dimensions.


- Fri 9:30 am -


- Wed 8:00 pm

Sat 8:00 am & 3:30 pm - 


- Wed 3:30 pm - 


- Wed 6:30 pm

Thu 5:00 pm & 6:30 pm -

for a more fulfilling pregnancy. Ease, stretch and gently strengthen the body of the mom-to-be. Special focus on breathing and relaxation. As of 4th month pregnancy

Powerful technology that works on different planes of consciousness and allows to reconnect to the living. Yoga that balances the nervous system. A series of pranayama, then postures, followed by meditation and relaxation.

Combines the practice of yoga with tantric philosophy, working on a deep relaxation of body and mind through breathing exercises and several orderly sequences of asanas to explore its potential, its limits, accept more yourself. Practices with eyes closed

deep work on body and mind, with long and deep stretching to release muscle tension and allow the mind to let go.


- Fri 12:30 pm -

Gentle flow

- Wed 08:00 am -

Class to both distress body and mind. Ideal to find peace, serenity.


Muscle awakening of the body - meditation for a smooth start to the day.



Sophrology is a psycho-corporal approach that allows us to develop serenity and improve our well-being in everyday life. It helps prevent, ease or heal physical tensions and pains, better manage our emotions and restore balance between body and mind. It provides efficient tools to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, allergies, etc. and allow us to bring to light our natural resources (our capacities, our values) and restore self-confidence.

My Sophro Time

- From Tuesday to Saturday -

Introduction to Sophrology

- Thu 11:00 am -


- From Tuesday to Saturday - 

My Sophro Nap

- Soon :) -

An introductory session to the method combining theory (history, definition) and practice (15/20 min). Group of 8 people.

A session taking into account the needs of each participant. Group of 8 people. 


thematic approach such as starting the day with a positive energy, relax and unwind at the end of the day, dynamic sophrology.

Embark on a short sophrology session where you can relax, relax and perhaps take a nap.

Tas de main du groupe heureux


These workshops encourage exchange to get to know each other better through exercises and sharing with other participants. These sessions are limited to 8 people, in order to allow everyone to express themselves. 

"Find your way"

- Thu 8:00 am -

"Learn to grow"

- Wed 12:30 pm -

"Discover your qualities"

- Fri 5:00 pm -

This coaching workshop proposes exercises and talks to help you find your vocational path, or define your work project, and take action. New theme each week.

During this workshop, you will meet your emotions, your inner child and your thoughts in order to develop a more positive internal discourse and act serenely. A new theme is discussed each week.

This workshop will allow you to better identify your qualities to strengthen self-esteem. Playful approach with QUALITIES card game. Group exchanges to develop expression and promote self-assertion. 

Confiant d'affaires en attente d'une ent

Privatization (companies only)

We allow companies to rent this place every Monday and Tuesday for executive committee, project launching, social events or team building. We can provide introduction sessions in meditation or sophrology. Contact us for more information (renting possibilities, services provided, etc.) to define together an ad hoc proposal.


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